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I highly recommend Hunting the Elements, not only for its excellent content, but for how it initiates conversation after the video.  I find that it is important that we don’t always formally assess students, but instead allow them opportunity to enjoy something and learn from it because it is informative and interesting.  I believe this builds a culture within the classroom that promotes positive reinforcement by saying to kids that you don’t always need have documentation that learning is occurring.  Students appreciate this, and it gives them a little bit of a reward for working hard.  This part of the lesson went particularly well, so in the future I will continue to use other clips to promote conversation and provide positive reinforcement.

  Post lesson reflection on Hunting the Elements
  Positive Reinforcement: Post lesson reflection on Hunting the Elements
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Periodic Table Basics

Unit 4: Unit 2-Periodic Table and Bonding
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: TSWBAT differentiate between metals and non-metals in terms of the number of valence electrons, electron behavior, and reactivity .

Big Idea: One of the best ways to remember key information about the periodic table is to color its groups.

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