Reflection: Complex Tasks Build a Circuit - Section 2: Independent Practice


The engineering task in this lesson requires students to generate and test possible solutions and to troubleshoot their product. This process is often new to fourth grade students and can require a good deal of teacher support to ensure that students are successful. To help scaffold the engineering design process, I teach students a step-by-step process for design in our science classroom. First students must review their previous work to activate prior knowledge. In this lesson, the students review their prior lab on complete circuits. Second, I ask students to formulate a plan. Specifically, I ask them to consider how they will use the materials and what they hope to accomplish. Third, students construct their product. In this case, students build a complete, simple circuit. Last, I ask students to troubleshoot to address any issues. I ask the students to consider different ways to utilize materials and to think about what they already know about circuits. Because it is my goal to ensure success for all students, I provide hints, ideas to consider, and use leading questions to help students complete a working product.

  The Engineering Design Process
  Complex Tasks: The Engineering Design Process
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Build a Circuit

Unit 2: Electricity
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT build a circuit using new materials.

Big Idea: Electrical circuits transfer energy.

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