Reflection: Joy Seeds on the Move - Section 3: Gallery Walk


Just by chance the colored pencils that we use for art were on the back table. I asked the students if they wanted to use the colored pencils to use when drawing their seeds. There was a resounding, "YES!". It was just a little thing, but the kiddos really got into making their diagrams and adding the details.

The videos worked well with this lesson. Students were spell bound. One student said, "I cannot go to the bathroom now, I do not want to miss a thing!"


  Joy: Tools and Student Interests
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Seeds on the Move

Unit 2: Seeds
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT to identfy seed dispersal attributes and explain why seed dispersal helps plant survival.

Big Idea: Bye mama! Students view videos to learn about seed dispersal and make sketches to articulate seed attributes that make it possible for specific dispersal systems.

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