Reflection: Checks for Understanding Organelle Trail - Round-Up (2 Days) - Section 4: Debrief and Closure


One of the great successes of this type of delivery is that students are able to digest big chunks of material and then think critically about it. As evidenced by the student work they delivered at the closure of the lesson, they go beyond what was specifically stated in the posters to actually create deeper conceptual understanding. For example, they were not told that the absence of water in the vacuoles would lessen the pressure against cell walls causing a plant to droop or wilt, however they were able to deduce just that (although some might need more explicit vocabulary to express it). 

The samples I attached are almost identical across the board, so I know that the class is ready to move on.

  Checks for Understanding: Students Did The Heavy Lifting
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Organelle Trail - Round-Up (2 Days)

Unit 3: Cells and Organelles
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to identify the specific functions of organelles and explain how different organelles work together.

Big Idea: Each cell has organelles that function together allowing the organism to live.

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