Reflection: Student Communication Four Triangles - Section 1: Warm-Up: Figure Out the Digits


In the past, I have chosen student presenters to share their work using the document camera; typically, I try to choose students have an interesting organization method or who I presume can articulate their thinking in a clear, logical way for students—this is important because initial presentations, particularly at the beginning of the year, set the tone for students’ expectations moving forward.

I made the choice, this time, to instead, have students start by sharing 1-2 equations that “unlocked” the problem for them.  After that, I opened up the discussion to other students in the class who could build on those insights to then solve for other parts of the problem.  I thought this was a good decision because it expanded the number of students sharing their thinking while encouraging students to follow each other’s thinking since the new “order” in which the answers revealed the answers may have differed from the order in which students initially worked.

I was also happy with my decision to ask students if they were able to solve for a letter using a different approach, which encouraged students to see the value in having multiple approaches to the solve the same problem.

  Getting Students to Talk to Each Other
  Student Communication: Getting Students to Talk to Each Other
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Four Triangles

Unit 1: Creating Classroom Culture to Develop the Math Practices
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Objective: Students will be able to determine the number of figures that satisfy the Four Triangle problem and sort their figures given a particular criterion.

Big Idea: Students will engage in a hands-on activity through which they will be introduced to the notion of proof by exhaustion as well as one of the big ideas of geometry: classifying and differentiating.

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