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So.....even when your plans are laid out and the best of intentions are there; things get in the way. At the beginning of the school day, our staff was told we would most likely be experiencing a surprise drill with our administration.  Those necessary drills that ensure that safety is the number one thought on all administrators, teachers and parents minds when children are involved.  A highly important activity.  

One, however, that can put a teacher a bit on the nervous side.  All those unknowns and especially the "when will it happen" question is a big one.  Knowing that my caterpillars had arrived and time was an issue to keep the lessons rolling and knowing this drill was a potential possibility; I did my best to keep the lesson going and be prepared at the same time. All the while, thinking in the back of my head.....what do I do if we evacuate and have caterpillars out?  Roll with it!!! 

All that worry and the drill had been cancelled.  Only to live for another day and the worry of another lesson potentially being diverted as well.  

The Boy Scout motto seems appropriate,,,,, "Always be prepared." 

Because I was concerned about the time limit and interruption of the drill, I opted to combine my anchor charts to bring in the knowledge.  I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get to the most important parts of the lesson.  

  Lesson Planning: Things can get in the way.....
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Life Cycle of a Butterfly - First Observations

Unit 2: Unit 2 - The World of Little Critters - Insects
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT to demonstrate with words and drawings what they know about caterpillars and butterflies.

Big Idea: All creatures go through the life cycle change, understanding the cycle and sequence of those changes is critical to the survival of the species.

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