Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Discovering Fossils; A Classroom Dig - Section 2: A Classroom Dig


My thoughts about discovering, rather than just teaching science, are shared in this short clip. NGSS supports this in depth understanding as it lays foundational guides to our teaching and using strategies that help students develop questioning skills and find joy in wondering about how things came to be. As a teacher, I experienced and witnessed the beauty of students learning great things about our world through discovery strategies and developing their own questions!

  Student Led Inquiry: The Magic of Discovery
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Discovering Fossils; A Classroom Dig

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT understand the difference between an artifact and a fossil

Big Idea: In this short lesson, students discover the difference between an artifact and a fossil.

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Science, Hands on Activity, Classify, literacy in science
  55 minutes
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