Reflection: Intervention and Extension Building a Nest of Essential Questions - Section 3: Soaring to New Heights (Exploration)


This year, I have a number of beginning writers.  As soon as students were sent to their seats to work, I provided a scaffold by pre-writing the page titles and dividing the page with lines.  I checked back in with this student a few minutes later.  This student did a fantastic job sounding out bird names (see woodpecker and blackbird) before I came over.  I then worked to help him write more details.  For example, he wrote that woodpeckers have a beak.  We had actually read an article that morning in reading with a photograph of a woodpecker.  With some guidance, he remembered that woodpeckers peck trees.  He then wrote peck (ppc) and drew a tree.  Drawing pictures is an acceptable form of writing at the beginning of first grade, especially in science journals!

  Intervention and Extension: Supporting developing writers
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Building a Nest of Essential Questions

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about how animals survive.

Big Idea: A little birdie told me... that we are starting a new Life Sciences unit! Today we build the foundational "nest" as we introduce Essential Questions.

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