Reflection: ELL Students Building a Nest of Essential Questions - Section 3: Soaring to New Heights (Exploration)


In this activity, students wrote the name of a bird and a key detail about the bird.  This ELL student wrote my example, instead of coming up with her own ideas.  I tried suggesting common birds in our area, such as those associated with popular sports teams.  

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After not getting very far with my suggestions, I thought of trying a simpler bird instead.  One bird featured prominently in children's books is the duck.  Sure enough, when I said "duck," the student had a look of recognition and was able to record another bird.  See her completed work, image below.

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Building a Nest of Essential Questions

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about how animals survive.

Big Idea: A little birdie told me... that we are starting a new Life Sciences unit! Today we build the foundational "nest" as we introduce Essential Questions.

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