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I began this discussion by asking my students if they could define or give me an example of superstition.  I was surprised by how quiet they were when I asked this, and I was rattled thinking the lesson was going to be a bust.  Never fear, though, I had one of those magical "survive by the seat of my pants" moments.  When I posed the question a different way - "Can someone tell me something about black cats?" - I got lots of responses!

Once we had worked through some examples, we talked about what those examples all had in common.  Through this approach we were able to create a class definition of superstition.  It was then that I could put up the slide with the textbook definition for consideration.

  Getting the Ball Rolling
  Getting the Ball Rolling
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Very Superstitious

Unit 7: Starting The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT engage in a probing discussion by researching superstitions and expressing their own ideas.

Big Idea: Should we believe in superstitions?

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