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I use a lot of games to help teach the periodic table (see Element BINGO). To be honest many students and adults that have come through my classroom view the periodic table as a complicated mystery better left for someone else to understand. I've even had painting contractors use my large hanging periodic table as a ground tarp - not a good day for science. My goal is to make the periodic table easy and fun to use as a resource. I want my students to see the patterns on the periodic table and make predictions about how atoms will interact. I don't put too many rules and restrictions on building the puzzle, I try to make the day as fun, for my students and myself, as possible.

  Using Games to teach the Periodic Table
  Joy: Using Games to teach the Periodic Table
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Periodic Table Puzzle

Unit 3: Periodic Table
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Objective: Students will be able to observe the inherent patterns and predictable format of the periodic table as they assemble the table element by element.

Big Idea: Interact with the periodic table as a puzzle and learn the element's predictable patterns as your students build their puzzle.

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