Reflection: Modeling Multiplicative Comparison Problems - Section 3: Concept development


As you can see in this in video


 I wouldn't change too much from this lesson. As far as productive struggle, this lessons did not provide some of my students with a lot of that.  For some students, simply flipping the language back and forth from finding the quantity and then finding how many times more, provided adequate struggle. 

The tape diagram and showing the different equations was a huge ah-ha for some students.  As a teacher, seeing those ah-ha moments is priceless. For me, I know those positive moments and good feelings my students experience, only adds to their growth mindset and perseverance as problem solvers.  For more information about growth mindsets, check out this website.

  Multliplicative Compare Reflection
  Modeling: Multliplicative Compare Reflection
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Multiplicative Comparison Problems

Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Lesson 1 of 22

Objective: SWBAT solve multiplicative comparison problems and write multiplication and division equations for those problems.

Big Idea: Students solve multiplication comparison problems using models and equations.

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