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Our district has been working for the last few years to implement the continuous classroom improvement model/process in order to improve our practices and more effectively and positively impact student growth and achievement. This process relies heavily on data and reflection, on the part of everyone at every level of our school system, from classroom to the boardroom. Kids tend to have a pretty easy time accurately analyzing quantitative data, as they can look at scores and percentages, etc. They have a more difficult time effectively analyzing qualitative data and using their analyses to make future decisions and modifications that will help them do better every time. While this change in culture has not been without its bumps and bruises, as is typically the case in such a situation, but it has really helped me to improve what I do from one day to the next, one class to the next. Being able to recognize that has allowed me to move forward, in my classroom especially, with passion and enthusiasm for what can be accomplished through this process.  Stop, reflect, improve, repeat. 

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  Accountability: More plus/delta reflection and analysis
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Literature Circle Discussion Day(s)

Unit 3: Literature Circles
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will collaborate with their groups as they build a fuller, richer, and more complete understanding of their novel for the assigned section of reading.

Big Idea: Together Everyone Achieves More!

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