Reflection: Writing about Nature: Are Humans just an Algae's Fart? - Section 3: Applying Knowledge: Create an Image


This group's work is from the first two body paragraphs.  The quote they chose shows the disconnect between people and nature.  They connect it to the claim by saying that people fail to appreciate nature because people are too tuned into their lives and forget about nature.  

They have correctly identified the beginning development of Ackerman's position on the relationship between humans and nature. The illustration takes it a step further and shows how people build cities as well as how ants build cities.  

  Central claim with supporting details
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Writing about Nature: Are Humans just an Algae's Fart?

Unit 2: Identity and Culture: Identifying the Central Idea and Evaluating Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze a central idea by determining the claim in We are all Part of Nature and analyzing its development.

Big Idea: "We owe our existence to the flatulence of blue-green algae." Prove it!

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we are all part of nature
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