Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Introducing the Post-It Annotation Process - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


I have learned over and over, year after year, that we cannot make the mistake of assuming that our students know how to think, how to work, or how to study, etc. Many students have grossly inaccurate self perception of skills and abilities. Some students genuinely think they are operating at optimal levels when studying, working, or thinking, but this is often only the case because they have not taken the time or had the opportunity to really reflect on their effectiveness and the many ways they could improve with slight modifications. All of this considered, I make it a point to include opportunities for students to reflect and then follow that up by providing them alternative methods or ideas to consider. Some students can be very resistant to this, at first, but a vast majority begin to really see benefits and improvements through their reflective efforts and challenging their own status quo. 

I use this process to challenge how students read and interact with a novel in order have a meaningful experience while reading. I believe that when students are able to acknowledge their own opportunities for improvement, they tend to seek out solutions and be more open to suggestions and ideas. This allows me to not feel as though I am forcing the students to work and learn, but rather that we are collaborating to best meet each of their individual needs, ideas, and goals. I want the students to be partners in their own learning, not just passive recipients of knowledge and information. 

  Student reflection on process and effort
  Student Self-Assessment: Student reflection on process and effort
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Introducing the Post-It Annotation Process

Unit 3: Literature Circles
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students will learn how to use Post-It notes to annotate the novel they have been assigned.

Big Idea: What A Fun Way To Annotate!

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English / Language Arts, Literature, annotation, literature circles, novel study, roles, post, Annotations, discussions
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