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I always got the most "pumped" about activities in school, when I was a student, when I had some level of choice in the what and/or how. That being said, I make a concerted effort to include varied levels of choice in lessons and activities throughout the year. I find that the students tend to go along with me in times when I determine everything for them because they feel a balance that makes them feel important and valued. Having students share their interest level in each of the 7 novel options lets me know how they feel, using that as one of the variables in my selection process. Additionally to the ratings, I consider readability of each book as it compares to the students' individual reading capabilities and lexile score. The final aspect I consider is the element of grouping. I want to make sure that no one group has all the advantages or disadvantages. 

In the time that I have asked the students to rate their interest in each novel and tell me of the novel(s) they have already read, I have only had to assign a student to a fourth choice or beyond a handful of times. More often than not, I am able to give each student their first or second choice. In response to this process, I have seen an increased level of effort and quality in student work and discussions rather consistently. 

  What is the selection process?
  Routines and Procedures: What is the selection process?
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Literature Circle Unit Introduction

Unit 3: Literature Circles
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Objective: Students will receive and introduction to each of the potential novels and will rank them based on their level of interest.

Big Idea: I Hope I Get It!

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