Reflection: Unit Planning Literature Circle Unit Introduction - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


I like to start this unit by giving the students an opportunity to build anticipation for themselves rather than simply waiting for me to attempt to motivate and excite them about the different novels. I prefer the students to be intrinsically motivated as I find their follow-through to be increased as well as their overall engagement with the piece they end up being assigned to read. I have tried to introduce this unit by telling kids bits and pieces of information, or fun facts, about each book, hoping that they would feel the excitement I do about each. What I found is that they more often than not just tune out that part and pick the book with the best title/cover combination. By asking the students to write about the different books and what they think each may be about, the kids start to imagine and dream, which is such a powerful motivational tool. Prediction is very helpful when utilized with careful purpose and placement.

  Why do I start the unit this way?
  Unit Planning: Why do I start the unit this way?
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Literature Circle Unit Introduction

Unit 3: Literature Circles
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: Students will receive and introduction to each of the potential novels and will rank them based on their level of interest.

Big Idea: I Hope I Get It!

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