Reflection: Journaling What Do Engineers Do? Part 2 - Section 4: Review


Chants/songs are one of the best things I can think of to help kids remember details or steps.  There are many studies about the power of music. Think about how powerful music is for helping you remember something. A song can come up on the radio from years ago, and I can belt out most, if not all, of the lyrics.   Anytime something is put to music it increases the chances that it will be remembered, especially with children.   This chant unleashes the power of music.  It wakes up a part of our students' immense brain power!  So I wanted the children to remember the steps of the engineering process, so I made it into a chant/song.  My dramatic kids ate it up and they all learned in the process.  Music is powerful!

  Chants Help Us Remember
  Journaling: Chants Help Us Remember
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What Do Engineers Do? Part 2

Unit 2: Introduction to the Engineering Process
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain that engineers help solve problems by going through a process of steps to find a solution.

Big Idea: Engineers follow many steps to help them solve problems!

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what do engineers do part 2
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