Reflection: Rigor Solving Equations with Tables and Graphs - Section 2: New Info/Application


An important unit objective begins here in this part of the lesson. It's the ability to see the relationship between the given information and the equation. For example, by understanding the roles that subtraction and multiplication play in problem 1 of part 2, of the application worksheet. Students should be able to translate this kind of situation into an equation regardless of the values involved. This may not be easy like I said in the lesson narrative. But students should strive to make such translations automatic. We must allow students to make the attempts themselves, and not "give it away" to make it easier for them. What we could do is give simpler translations, and gruadually build up complexity. Translating situations into equations should be done with ease by the end of the unit. I've discovered that students will stop trying when we "over help" them with tough problems. I try hard never to underestimate their ability to solve a problem. This way they don't understimate themselves and stop trying. 

  Situations leading to equations
  Rigor: Situations leading to equations
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Solving Equations with Tables and Graphs

Unit 2: Solving Linear Equations
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use tables and graphs to solve equations

Big Idea: This lesson is the beginning of formal equation-solving methods. Tables and Graphs lead to exact or approximate solutions.

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