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I wanted students to become excited about science. When I planned this lesson I tried to think of fun experiments that would illustrate the concept of cause and effect. I hoped that by completing a journal page, I would be able to assess their understanding of cause and effect, and see if they remained engaged in all 3 experiments. 

Students had fun with all 3 activities. Once they had competed the activity and recorded things in their notebooks, they wanted to try the experiments again. The goal of keeping students all actively engaged in the 3 science experiments was met by the student excitement and interest in trying the activities again.

Students were able to verbalize what was cause and effect at the end of the lesson where at the beginning they were not totally sure what the two terms meant. 

  Lesson Planning: Exciting Engagement
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What Else Do Scientists Notice

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify cause and effect in a simple experiment.

Big Idea: Scientists often rely on cause and effect to figure out how something works. Students will attempt to analyze and explain the concepts of cause and effect.

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Science, Science Skills, Scientific Method (Science Skills), cause and effect, experiment, science journals
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