Reflection: Rigor GCF and LCM Project Gallery Walk - Section 1: Gallery Walk Procedure


I decided that it would be important to have students give their feedback as they were rotating throughout the projects.  I gave each group a set of post-its, with the instructions of writing a math question, a statement about their math confusion, or a math compliment.  I felt it was necessary to stress the importance of their feedback being math-based, because in the past, students have focused on color choice, handwriting, and other incidental things.

When groups returned to their project, I gave them a few minutes to read through their notes.  I knew that students would have questions, concerns, and differing opinions regarding their feedback, so I allowed them to share out.  I realized that students felt very defensive about their work and I reminded them that the feedback was meant to help them as they move forward in their math work.

The post it notes are also useful as a way for me to assess students' understanding based on their feedback.

  Post Its for Gallery Walk
  Rigor: Post Its for Gallery Walk
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GCF and LCM Project Gallery Walk

Unit 4: Factors and Multiples
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT further their understanding of finding the GCF and LCM.

Big Idea: Students critique others' projects.

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