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Of of the struggles I have with STEM projects is knowing how much time to provide for students to work through the Engineering Design Cycle. Sometimes, I think they could work on a project for a month! However, with the pacing guides and timelines in place, I have to make sure that the time that we spend in the STEM lab is purposeful and also timely. During this project, we spent 1 day on 'Think' and 'Plan', 2 days on 'Build', 1 day on 'Evaluate' and 1 day on 'Communicate'. I really felt that since this was the first in-depth project we have done this year we needed to spend adequate time on evaluating and communicating so students understand that STEM is not just building something awesome, but also tying in higher order skills and determining if we have really thought like a scientist. It really paid off! When we got to the last day, my students were begging to be the first ones to record their video - and when they did, they knew all of the information without much prompting at all! This is the true benefit of putting the work in up front with the design cycle and then supporting students all the way to the end! Watch a presentation to see the communication stage in action!


  High Quality Task: "Can we present next? Please!??!"
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STEM Lab: Evaluating and Communicating

Unit 3: Living Organisms - Animals
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Objective: SWBAT complete the engineering design cycle by evaluating their work and communicating their ideas through video

Big Idea: Projects are what?

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Science, Science Skills, First Grade, 1.L.1.1, 1.L.2.1
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