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While I am usually not a fan of "summary reports", in which students mainly regurgitate information without a great deal of analysis or application, I purposely designed this specific project in this way. This is the first project and the first oral presentation of the year (and the first ever for many), so students are usually nervous. Not only are they filled with nerves, but they are often unfamiliar with my expectations for projects and presentations. I tend to start out with an easier project in order allow them to work out the nerves, as well as allow them to focus on speaking/listening skills, while still addressing science content. As we progress through later activities and units, projects and presentations require much more higher order thinking skills and will result in much deeper analysis and understanding of scientific content.

  I don't like "reports", but...
  Staircase of Complexity: I don't like "reports", but...
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What is a Scientist? (4 Day Discovery)

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT identify stereotypes in his/her perception of scientists, conduct research and compose an oral presentation about careers in science and how one becomes a scientist.

Big Idea: Kids usually picture scientist as a crazy-haired man wearing a lab coat and mixing test tubes of chemicals until they explode. This 3-4 day lesson will expose students to real world scientists and create interest in working in the field.

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