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I chose this picture for a variety of reasons:

Diversity of student experience - Most of my students come from a suburban, high socioeconomic background and have never experienced a rural lifestyle, in which handling farm animals may be commonplace. However, I do have a few students who live in more rural areas where horses, pigs, and other animals are part of their everyday experience. I thought the overall lack of familiarity with the farm setting may bring forth some very interesting observations and inferences when viewing the image. My students who did have experience with pigs or other farm animals could provide a different perspective, making for some interesting classroom discourse.

Engagement - Let's face it, this picture is funny... and sixth graders love funny! I thought this picture was a great way to hook in my students and get them to engage in the lesson. 

Learning objective - Since my learning objective for this lesson is to differentiate between inference and evidence, I wanted to select an image that would elicit a lot of inferences from the students. I knew this image would draw out a lit of guesses as to what is going on. This provides us with a lot of material to analyze later as we determine whether the comments they made were actually inferences or just observations.

  Why Pigs?
  Diverse Entry Points: Why Pigs?
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Scientists Infer

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate between evidence and inference, understand that evidence is drawn from observations and data collection made during scientific research, and construct inferences based on observations and data as their evidence.

Big Idea: Scientists make inferences based on evidence that is collected throughout the scientific process. Inferences and evidence are two very different things, but are both essential to the scientific process.

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Science, Nature of Science
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