Reflection: Real World Applications The Daffodil Project Part 2 - Section 2: 9-11 Memorial Project


Integration and connection of science to social studies just makes sense. Science influences history. While daffodil bulbs are not connected to 9/11 in any other way, our community has linked botany to symbolism and has made an impact on our local history. The woods filled with flowers makes a difference in the way we remember this significant event.

As this class is some of the first that were born after 2001, this event has not really been as significant in their lives as in past students' lives. As they watched the film, I watched them. I watched their faces and read the thoughts of "why?" in their minds. I felt uncomfortable for a few minutes as if I had removed an element of innocence that I hadn't experienced in past classes over the years. This makes me question if this is important? After the planting, I decided that yes, it is. I realized that after all of the discussion, the message of peace and the responsibility we have to one another to be tolerant and peaceful was what stood out in their minds. It didn't generate fear or worry. There were no questions as in the past. The first class in 2002  worried that we would be bombed or attacked.

That sad fear is gone from these children. But what was generated by the discussion was some thought behind understanding that hatred has no place in our lives. They were able to connect it to what is going on in Syria. This piece of their education today is a step toward peace and compassion for others.

  Addressing questions about 9/11
  Real World Applications: Addressing questions about 9/11
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The Daffodil Project Part 2

Unit 1: Thinking, Writing, and Observing Like a Scientist
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Objective: SWBAT use their deductive reasoning from the knowledge learned from reading of how to plant a bulb correctly.

Big Idea: In this integrated social studies, science and language arts lesson, students plant their daffodil bulbs after studying and learning about 9-11. Students use their research evidence to deduce how to plant the bulb properly.

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Science, gardening, evidence, myths and lore, inference
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