Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Playing It Safe-Safety for Kindergarten Science - Section 3: Guided Practice


This lesson provides ample opportunity for student discussion.  This discussion serves many purposes.  It help deepens the students' understanding of the concepts being presented.  It also helps build and expand the language skills of all of my students, especially my English Language Learners.  It is so important for kindergarteners to be engaged in conversations that expand their vocabulary and strengthens their understanding of English syntax. 

This type of discussion does not take place instantly.  There is a great deal of modeling that happens before the students get to a level that they can discuss topics freely.  It is especially important for me as the teacher to model the discussion that I want to have happen, to ask questions and to press for more information and explanations.  I will often sit with students while they are talking with their turn and talk partners and ask for clarification.  I also try to model this type of exchange when students are sharing answers with the class (see video).  This all takes time, but it is worth the effort to move students to be expressive, thoughtful thinkers. 


  Discourse and Questioning: The Importance of Dialogue
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Playing It Safe-Safety for Kindergarten Science

Unit 1: What Is Science?
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Objective: Students will be able to describe important safety rules that will be used during scientific investigations.

Big Idea: Kindergarten students are getting their first exposure to the world of science. This lesson helps them understand important rules to make their science experiences safe.

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