Reflection: Checks for Understanding Cycle of a Germinating Seed - Section 3: Active Engagement


I have found ShowMe's are an engaging way to have student struggle with the rigor of concepts and an excellent assessment tool for me.  

I believe that having students create and communicate their understanding of concepts authentically is the best way to assess.  In this lesson, I was able to asses their teamwork, conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, and organization techniques, all while they were having fun. There was not test stress, no panic over reading or writing skills needed for written tests, and no need to study!

Try ShowMe…it is a wonderfully engaging and authentic tool for assessment.

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Cycle of a Germinating Seed

Unit 2: Structures of Life: Seeds
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Students will use the ShowMe application to organize information and structure communication regarding the sequence of germination.

Big Idea: Communicating information to others is one of the requirements of scientists. This lesson allows students to organize, create, and share what they have learned thus far.

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Science, germination, life cycle, organizing information, Communicating Information
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