Reflection: Intervention and Extension Whole Numbers Divided by Fractions Using Models - Section 4: Independent Practice


While students were working independently, I noticed that a few students were incorrectly circling groups when using the number line model.  I made the decision to pause student work time and give them an option to change the number line slightly, if they were having trouble.

I suggested that students could create rectangles with their number lines, which may help them to see the pieces that needed to be circled.

Extending the number line to make rectangles doesn't change what students represent, or how they manipulate the number line to show whole numbers divided by fractions.  It does, though, make it easier for some students to see the pieces that each unit has been cut into.

On homework over the next few days, I asked students to write the equation that was represented by a number line model - one that I hadn't changed to include rectangles.  I do want my students to be able to make sense of the visual representation.  

  Intervention and Extension: Real-Time Adjustment to Models
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Whole Numbers Divided by Fractions Using Models

Unit 2: Division with Fractions
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Objective: SWBAT to determine the quotient when dividing a whole number by a fraction where the quotient will be a whole number using a visual model.

Big Idea: We can use visual models to help us represent and solve problems involving dividing a whole number by a fraction.

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