Reflection: Unit Planning Piggy Bank Equations and Cross Outs - Section 2: Guided Practice


This lesson is actually 2 lessons combined into 1, to be entirely honest. Unlike virtually every place in the country this winter, the Southwestern United States had a remarkably mild winter, so even though my school district is in one of the few places in Arizona that usually gets snow each winter, we had only 1 Snow Day. We realized earlier this week while looking at our subtraction curriculum map, that we have a lot of short weeks coming up! (The district planned for 5 Snow Days, and we honestly only needed 1, so they give us days off in spring to make up for Snow Days we didn’t use.) We realize that we have to combine lessons, and my kindergarten team agrees that our introductory subtraction lessons are going so well that we can combine some lessons and students should be able to keep pace with instruction. The penny lesson with the subtraction equation is combined with the first subtraction cross out lesson, in part because students so loved the penny counters the day before our meeting, and also because both lessons share the same manipulatives. If you have more time, I would break the two lessons if your students need the lessons broken up, or you might even put the Piggy Bank Subtraction recording sheets with the Piggy Bank beginning lesson. Or… for scheduling reasons or even better, if students are doing so well with concept development that you can increase your subtraction teaching pace and combine lessons, as well. In a perfect world, my pace is entirely determined by student learning, but when the district says we’ve got a series of 3- and 4-day work weeks ahead, we need to make adjustments!

  Two lessons in one--doubling up to get everything "in"
  Unit Planning: Two lessons in one--doubling up to get everything "in"
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Piggy Bank Equations and Cross Outs

Unit 11: Subtraction
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT show the connection between counters and X's for crossing out pictures to subtract.

Big Idea: We bridge the concrete (counters) and representational (pictures) and X's to "cross out" in this important step in subtraction.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, subtraction, Critical Area
  55 minutes
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