Reflection: Revise! Engaging Peers to Improve Writing - Section 4: Closing: Planning improvement in Reflection Letters.


Here are two examples of student letters.  The first student revision letter demonstrates a failure to understand the purpose of the letter. The student is brief and simply state that she needs to improve her essay. She gives no specific examples and I do not see how she used the feedback from her peers to formulate a plan. 

The second student revision letter student defiantly got the purpose of the letter.  She identifies her thesis as week and says it does not support her body paragraphs.  She also talks about the organization and information in the body has to improve to connect to the audience.

What is missing from both students is specific steps or skills that they will use to improve their essay.  I need to work with the students on identifying how they can make changes in their writing not just what needs to be changed. 

  Student Letter of Reflection
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Revise! Engaging Peers to Improve Writing

Unit 2: Identity and Culture: Identifying the Central Idea and Evaluating Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT strengthen writing and connection to their audience by working in groups to revise and edit their culture narratives.

Big Idea: If students build content and organization, peers can help with the polishing.

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