Reflection: Student Ownership Scientists Observe: Wiggly Worms Day 2 - Section 1: Instructional Notes


In a cool coincidence, one of my students found a larva on the playground!  I encourage students to add to our classroom science center, so we brought it in.  This helps students feel ownership of the learning and the classroom.  What's really cool is that when we made animal models the next day, this student decided to make a model of a larva!  That was a first!

  Student Ownership: A playground coincidence!
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Scientists Observe: Wiggly Worms Day 2

Unit 1: Wiggly Scientists and Wiggly Worms
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT describe the connection between stages of the mealworm life cycle.

Big Idea: Did you survive Day 1 of wiggly mealworms in your classroom? Now that your students have observed them, let's fill in the details with texts.

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