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This lesson took too much time to prep, because I have to write all the questions and sentence starters on individual post it notes for several different classes. When teaching this again I might give students a list of questions & sentence starters for them to write on post its. This also has the added benefit of making all of them visible at once without spreading out the post its. I might then modify the task so that students choose their top ten or they may choose 2 for each poster or one that might be more universally helpful in multiple categories.

Early in the year students who have not yet been trained in conducting collaborative decision making discussions will have difficulty sharing and promoting their thoughts. Over the course of the year, I found that having students start individually and record their thinking with a "silent write" can help jump start the conversation. It gives students a chance to gather their thoughts and also gives them something to refer to during the conversation. 

  Lesson Planning: Reducing prep time
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Conversation Moves

Unit 1: Order of operations & Number properties
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Objective: SWBAT work cooperatively to critique the work of others and attend to precision while working on order of operations.

Big Idea: Creating a safe environment where mistakes are used as a learning tool.

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