Reflection: Debate Hydroponics Vs. Soil Planting - Section 4: Sharing and Closing


Sometimes, after practice and the use of talking moves, debate will occur during a lesson.  As instructors, we must support this and create the time for it to happen.  In the debate above, the question that sparked the conversation was interesting and rigorous.

My third graders were questioning text, which usually is accepted as fact.  The children work together to make sense of what the text meant. They also were respectful in the way they agreed and disagreed with each other. 

Towards the end of the conversation, you will notice that the students begin to pull their own experiences into the conversation as evidence to support their claims. This is the best thing that can happen because I now know they are pairing their own life experiences with the research by experts. 

That is exactly what scientists do!

  Spontaneous Debate
  Debate: Spontaneous Debate
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Hydroponics Vs. Soil Planting

Unit 2: Structures of Life: Seeds
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to engage in research in order to gain information on hydroponic and soil growing methods.

Big Idea: In order to compare and contrast two growing methods, students must come to understand what each require to be successful. This lesson is the beginning of that data gathering.

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Science, hydroponics, compare and contrast, scientific drawing, needs of plants, note taking, informational reading, labeling
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hydroponics vs soil
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