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I have been using adorable, useful, wonderfully created mats by a teacher I have never met before… all week long. And I’ve been sharing them with you! One of the greatest things about this era that we’re in is the availability of quality, free online resources through blogs, sites like Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, and oh yes, Better Lesson! When my school district adopted an expensive, not entirely effective math curriculum a few years back, and my school decided that we’d rather focus CCSS and track down or make up our own resources, we had a unique opportunity but a considerable challenge. Inventing or finding our resources and materials every week was no small task, and I think my experience with creating or finding our kindergarten math curriculum that I really wanted to participate in BL. If there’s a way that, in some small way, I could be like these fantastic teachers like Mrs. Ricca, sharing resources and making teaching a little easier for someone else, I want to be involved—even if it’s helping someone else find the creative, fun resources that another teacher (not me!) has created. If we can share great stuff with each other, we all benefit.

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Piggy Bank Beginning Subtraction

Unit 11: Subtraction
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use piggy bank mats and penny counters to practice subtraction.

Big Idea: Students build that critical early experience and hands-on practice with penny counters and piggy bank mats.

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