Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Human Actions that Affect the Stream - Section 2: Team Brainstorming


Student frequently struggle to begin and sustain discussions in the science classroom. To encourage productive discourse between students, I utilize a variety of strategies to increase accountability for all students. First, I ask students to take turns sharing so that one student must wait to hear from all peers before offering another idea. Second, I ask students to record the thinking of their elbow partner (the student sitting next to them) on the group's list. This holds student accountable for listening to the thinking of their classmates. To ensure that all students take part in recording ideas, I give each student a different colored pen to use in their writing so I can track the individual contributions of students. Most importantly, I provide students with a topic of discussion that is of high-interest and does not require advanced background knowledge. 

  Increasing Quality Discourse
  Discourse and Questioning: Increasing Quality Discourse
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Human Actions that Affect the Stream

Unit 6: Watersheds and Water Quality
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify human actions that affect the stream.

Big Idea: Human actions impact the stream ecosystem.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, water, Environmental Education
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