Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Observations of Meerkat Offsprings and Survival - Section 6: Evaluation


I look at the notes:student work to assess my students understanding, but I also use their notes to help them commuicate their understanding. So, there are two issues. My students understand the content, but they may be unable to express themselves.  The other issue is around comprehesion and they unable to understand the content. I can help them learn to communicate to directing the students to their notes. Sometime I ask a peer to help them with reading their notes, or I will say, "I see you wrote down:group. What do you want to say about the group?" This is one way I question my students and use their notes to help them learn to express themselves.

  Discourse and Questioning: Evaluation of Student Work
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Observations of Meerkat Offsprings and Survival

Unit 2: Communication Between the Parent and Offspring
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Objective: SWBAT identify how the meerkat uses its external features to help its offspring survive.

Big Idea: Combine information text and videos to bring science into the classroom.

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