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The choices of websites for this activity were deliberate. First, I needed topics where the students' background knowledge would come into play. I knew that it would be almost impossible for students to determine credibility if they did not already know something about the topic. Case in point, one of the teams was well underway to give the Kansas 1938 site a high CITE IT score, when I overheard one of the partners say, "Wait a minute, this is from the "Wizard of Oz"." 

Next, in all topics I included a Wikipedia site. I know that the students have been told repeatedly that Wikipedia is not reliable, and that they must never use it. However, I disagree with this blanket statement. I wanted to drive the point across that, although Wikipedia is a collaborative effort and that anyone can post to it, it can still be used for general information as long as they are able to verify the content elsewhere.

Finally, as this is a critical thinking activity, I needed websites where the students actually needed to go a little deeper than just determining whether it was a hoax or not. They needed to go beyond what is stated and actually look up the author's credentials or determine bias.

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But Its On The Internet

Unit 2: Online Science Research
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Objective: Students will understand that not all information they find on the Internet is true and understand why it is important to evaluate websites before using the information in them.

Big Idea: It is important students learn how to view internet information with a critical eye.

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