Reflection: Checks for Understanding A Deeper Look at Post-Modernism with MLK Jr. - Section 4: Closing


After this intensive lesson, this graph served as a great formative assessment to show whether or not my students really understood the journey of civil rights from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s context through today.  Since it was NOT what they expected, students that really understood the lesson could go back and use the evidence from our lesson to show why they would have anticipated something different or why it makes sense that the progress toward desegregation had reversed itself.  Since the graph for the south in particular was different than one might have assumed it would be, my students were very quick to point out that all of the articles we read today had to do with the south, and, therefore, perhaps it was under more scrutiny than other regions.  Additionally, they could trace the noticeable drop in desegregation efforts back to a specific event on our interactive timeline, which shows that they can integrate information from a variety of media and text samples.  

  Checking for Understanding with a Formative Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Checking for Understanding with a Formative Assessment
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A Deeper Look at Post-Modernism with MLK Jr.

Unit 10: A Brief Introduction to Post-Modernism
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Objective: SWBAT analyze a set of texts, video, and images, including MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" in order to describe how efforts to desegregate the United States have unfolded since the late 1940's.

Big Idea: So you're saying that despite MLK's eloquence and major Civil Rights efforts, some places are MORE segregated than they were in 1968?!

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