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Well if you haven't noticed by now, I *love* using John Green's videos to aid classroom instruction.  Luckily, my students do too!  He's just quirky enough to be exciting, and he's chock-full of information!  While he is awesome to watch, my rationale for making him a part of so many lessons is much deeper than just being a fan.  Simply put, he helps students to quickly gain the background information that they need to be able to access complex texts.  We started off watching this video, which give students the background that they needed to access the next piece of the lesson, which is the ticket to accessing the next part, and so-on.  A major part of the Common Core is diving deep into concepts, but you can't just start at those concepts from the beginning, or I'm afraid you would be sorely disappointed!  Building a pathway that guides your students fully into the complex text is key to helping them develop the confidence they need to attack complex texts and to having that breakthrough "ah-ha!" moment with them when they finally "crack the code" of complex texts.  John Green is a very small part of helping me arrange that scaffolded environment in my classroom, and for that, I'm grateful.  But I'm not JUST grateful to John Green; I'm grateful that in these new standards, multimedia materials like his videos, interactive websites, pictures, and more are integral parts to instruction and essential to mastery.  This shift to a wider view of materials will be part of what makes our students proficient in comprehending and evaluating ALL types of information, no matter what form it takes in the future.  

  Using John Green & Multimedia Information to Meet Standards & Improve Comprehension
  Standards Alignment: Using John Green & Multimedia Information to Meet Standards & Improve Comprehension
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A Deeper Look at Post-Modernism with MLK Jr.

Unit 10: A Brief Introduction to Post-Modernism
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Objective: SWBAT analyze a set of texts, video, and images, including MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" in order to describe how efforts to desegregate the United States have unfolded since the late 1940's.

Big Idea: So you're saying that despite MLK's eloquence and major Civil Rights efforts, some places are MORE segregated than they were in 1968?!

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