Reflection: Student Ownership A Deeper Look at Post-Modernism with MLK Jr. - Section 1: Introduction


If there's one thing that the Common Core's focus on student-led inquiry has taught me, it's that students really know a LOT more than they let on when you're the one asking questions.  In this section of the lesson, students were the ones driving the questions and demonstrating their needs, so we were able to respond to those needs as a class.  By incorporating student-led inquiry (and pairing it with an environment where questions are not only okay, but expected), teachers can streamline their instruction to address only the problems that students have!  It's such a simple idea that it's practically genius.  When students are the ones doing the asking (and answering!), the teacher can sit back and facilitate the discussion and more readily determine what students need to move forward with the content.  Today, I was surprised at how little they didn't understand about these themes.  Had I guided this review on my own, I probably would have had a LOT more to say, even though I clearly didn't need to.  These student questions were way more genuine than my questions would have been, and they were even more high-level and thoughtful than a review could be.  Moving forward and into next year, I want to create more opportunities for student-led inquiry so that I can see just how far they'll get when they're in the ultimate driver's seat!

  Using Student-Led Inquiry to Streamline Instruction
  Student Ownership: Using Student-Led Inquiry to Streamline Instruction
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A Deeper Look at Post-Modernism with MLK Jr.

Unit 10: A Brief Introduction to Post-Modernism
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Objective: SWBAT analyze a set of texts, video, and images, including MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" in order to describe how efforts to desegregate the United States have unfolded since the late 1940's.

Big Idea: So you're saying that despite MLK's eloquence and major Civil Rights efforts, some places are MORE segregated than they were in 1968?!

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