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I had the students use ipads to find information on.  However, I am not sure if I would do it that way again.  To begin with, I only had 7 ipads and 2 ipods.  The ipods really did not work at all for this project, as expected,  but it's what I had.  The screen is just too small for them to work with when finding information.  When researching, the children kept accidentally pushing the wrong buttons and would get off of the website.  Then they had to be coached to get them back on the right screen.  It just took away some of our valuable time. The ipads were convenient, but next time I think I will go to the computer lab.  It just seemed to work much better.

  Ipads or Computer Lab?
  Adjustments to Practice: Ipads or Computer Lab?
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Pollination Power!

Unit 3: Pollination and Seed Dispersal
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Objective: SWBAT to ask questions to guide them in their learning. Then they will present facts about a pollinator.

Big Idea: Pollination is very powerful! It is paramount in order for plants to make seeds. But what exactly is it? Let's research with a team to find out about this vital part of life.

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