Reflection: Rigor When Your Teacher Gives You Apples, Make Observations! - Section 2: Observation Activity Part 1


The goal is to build my students' experience in making observations. This is the first time we are making observations in my class without any instruction. I plan to turn their subjective and inaccurate attempts at observations into teaching moments.  

I actually want students to say, "There is a weird bump on my apple," or "My apple has a weird shape to it."  Not only that, but I doubt that many groups will accurately and objectively observe their apples well enough for other groups to correctly select that very one from all of the other apples.  At first, I am intentionally leaving out the use of measuring devices. That way they can see the value in using a universal measuring system, just as all scientists do to be as accurate as possible.  

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  Rigor: Teachable Moment
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When Your Teacher Gives You Apples, Make Observations!

Unit 1: NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Nature of Science
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Objective: SWBAT use observations to get other students to correctly identify their apple

Big Idea: Observations are only as good as the observer! This lesson--inspired by an NSTA Journal--will demonstrate the importance of being accurate and objective!

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), inquiry, Observation skills, engineering
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