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Let's face it, sometimes your 6th grade students need a teacher-directed lesson to initiate the development of new skills.  This lesson is made to help students understand the characteristics of scientific observations and distinguish between the two types of observations.  Students will learn that scientific observations must be accurate and objective and that they can be quantitative or qualitative.  The general implementation of this lesson can be easily modified to meet your teaching style, just download the resources and have fun crafting your own approach to teaching observation skills.

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  Lesson Planning: Rationale for Direct Instruction
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Observations: Laying the Foundation

Unit 1: NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Nature of Science
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Objective: SWBAT state the characteristics of a scientific observation and make observations of the natural world.

Big Idea: Observations are key to unearthing new scientific discoveries, as well as enabling kids to build conceptual understanding of science. This lesson teaches kids to be accurate and objective and introduces the difference between quantitative and qualitative.

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Observational Learning, Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), Observation skills, observations, engineering
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