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So,,,,,what do you do when you are in the middle of a great lesson and in walks another teacher? This very thing happened in my lesson.  Of course, the real school day goes on, and we just learn to roll with those small interruptions.  Rather than get frustrated that the momentum of my lesson was lost, I incorporated the teacher into my lesson.  

"Boys and girls, let's see if Mrs. Smith can predict what she thinks this picture is.  Mrs. Smith would you be willing to give us your prediction?"  

Of course, Mrs. Smith went right along with this show.  She did a fantastic job of modeling her thinking and explaining to the children her rationale for the ideas and predictions she made.  

It was a great way to show my students that everyone knows how to make predictions, even when they are not thinking like a scientist. 

  What to do when your lesson is interrupted?
  Transitions: What to do when your lesson is interrupted?
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Predictions: The skill of thinking "why?"

Unit 1: Inquiry in Science
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT verbalize simple predictions about objects in the world.

Big Idea: All good questions begin with why? Leading to "I wonder if...?" Predictions help children to think about how to create guiding questions to their explorations.

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