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Discussing the seasonal occurrence and geographic location of weather hazards in (Arizona) is a way to develop students understanding that in the real world, in order to be prepared for these situations, one needs to have an idea of when and where they will happen!  Again, I think of the students who want to study tornadoes and hurricanes, two weather events that rarely impact southern Arizona.  The same is true for our state's weather.  Flash flooding is widespread and occurs in all parts of the state, though the greatest danger tends to be in the desert areas.  Blizzards and ice storms do occur in Arizona, but in the southern part of the state where we live they only occur at higher elevations, usually in our "sky island" mountains.  If one drives north to Flagstaff, Arizona it's a different world in the winter and they often have deep snow and severe winter driving conditions.  Understanding that there is a seasonal and geographic component to severe weather helps students build a more complete, real-world understanding of weather hazards.

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Weather Hazards in Our Area

Unit 3: Weather Hazards- Design Solutions
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Objective: SWBAT explain common weather hazards in their area and associate them with the different seasons.

Big Idea: Weather hazards, unlike natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, are tied to certain seasons.

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