Reflection: Lesson Planning Plant Life Cycle- Prove it! - Section 5: Results of the Work


In order for this lesson to fully work, students must be able to see the benefits of listening to, following and being able to write and use their directions.  For this to happen, the students whose plants were well thought out and well planted in accordance to their complete directions, must have plants that grow- this is their reward for doing the right thing! 
Well... don't use ole lima beans or seeds... I did that and only about half of them grew!  Make sure to maybe try one for yourself before you do this lesson.  Also, make sure to give students' cups a few extra seeds or beans when they're gone (you don't want them to see you), just in case!

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Plant Life Cycle- Prove it!

Unit 15: Cross Curricular Experiences
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write to show their knowledge of the sequence of the plant life cycle and apply it!

Big Idea: If you know your stuff, you will be rewarded! ;)

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