Reflection: Shared Expectations TALKING to support math- with number talks - Section 3: Daily Practice


I do number talks with every number from 1 to 25.  Each day, I go up one digit (so I don't forget where I am and) so students can build upon yesterday's number.
When we get up to 11, I give students a 20 frame page to use.
When we get up to 21, I give students a 30 frame page to use.
I have attached the frames and number line forms that I created for my classroom!

Personally, I use all types of manipulatives for this process!  I do this because it allows students to see different familiar objects to strengthen their mathematical knowledge even more!  We use shapes, colored dots, dice chips and plastic coins- more exposure always helps!

Each day, I like to challenge students to see what their partner's facts consist of and then test them!  This is fun for the kids because they like to prove each other right or wrong; as they do this, they are talking the whole time. This is the key!  Building up math with speaking, listening, following directions and explaining your learning is the best way to push learning!

Finally, each day when we get a new number, I show the kids a little caricature of that number with a mouth- this reminds them that numbers can talk... they can show us things and tell us facts when we relate them to one another.  It's just something fun that I like and it helps the kids remember that they need to TALK their way through math sometimes to make it make sense!

  The math connection to the speaking, listening and folllowing directions
  Shared Expectations: The math connection to the speaking, listening and folllowing directions
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TALKING to support math- with number talks

Unit 15: Cross Curricular Experiences
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT participate in conversations, follow directions and use manipulatives, to come to conclusions about math.

Big Idea: Talk them into it... let them talk their way through it... they will learn it (and learn it well)!

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