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The history of science is filled with examples of mistakes. Some mistakes produced wonderful results such as penicillin and sticky notes. Much more often, however, mistakes result in the necessity of redoing the procedure. Some mistakes are due to carelessness, while others occur despite painstaking efforts that nonetheless require revision. Such is the nature of science.

In this slime procedure video, the student is allowed to make a mistake—she used the same stirring rod to make two different solutions that needed to be mixed independently before being combined. The results were harmless, but because the reaction started to occur before the student was ready, it created a teachable moment about contamination and the need to keep chemicals physically isolated from one another. The student’s slime turns out fine, but for a moment that was far from certain.

  Student Led Inquiry: The Importance of Mistakes in Science
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Chemical Change

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
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Objective: Students will be able to distinguish between chemical and physical change.

Big Idea: Chemical change involves turning one or more substances into different substances with different properties

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