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A few teacher have come into my classroom and asked my why I take so much time to practice something as simple as questioning.  "They ask questions all the time - why do they need to spend a whole class period asking more?"  Here is my thinking...

I have implemented this activity for four years .  In that time,  I have noticed notice three important changes in my classroom. Participation in collaborative learning processes has increased significantly, as students know what they're expected to do. I used to tell my students to ask questions or to participate, and some didn't really know what I meant by that.  This paints a very clear picture for them.  The traditional practice of asking, "Are there any questions?" was mainly procedural, and was not the same as deliberately teaching the skill of inquiry and question formulation. After providing direct instruction on the art and science of inquiry, I was struck by how the students were able to go farther and deeper into a topic and and ask questions, more systematically and with more curiosity, than ever before. It has significantly helped to set the stage for problem-based learning, as inquiry is the foundation for a successful PBL learning environment.

  Why bother practicing questioning?
  Problem-based Approaches: Why bother practicing questioning?
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Scientists Inquire

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT understand of the process of scientific inquiry as a means of learning about the natural world, and construct and categorize scientific questions to deepen understanding.

Big Idea: The process that scientists use to learn about the natural world must begin with asking questions that can be answered through investigations. The way questions are phrased will greatly influence how much can be learned from their answers.

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Science, Nature of Science
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scientists inquire
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