Reflection: Joy What I Learned in Kindergarten (Reflective, Sweet and Fun) Writing - Section 1: Why this Lesson?


As a teacher, I know that I need to be reflective.  Why would I not teach my students to walk down that same meaningful line?  I love teaching my students to reflect because it helps them be more self- aware and it also encourages them and builds their confidence! 
With this lesson, students are REALLY having to dig and think about what they truly have learned.  This helps them see how far they have come, while also reminding them about all of the times they had to tough it out and struggle to learn.  Students, throughout this assignment, feel good about themselves and notice how much they truly have grown.  I love this assignment and I wouldn't trade it for anything because of this- it provides joy while also reinforcing the importance and purpose of learning!

  Why this is so much fun and very necessary at the end of the year!
  Joy: Why this is so much fun and very necessary at the end of the year!
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What I Learned in Kindergarten (Reflective, Sweet and Fun) Writing

Unit 14: Holiday Happiness
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT access their background knowledge and memory in order to give a summary of their learning in Kindergarten.

Big Idea: Let them think about something they love and they will come up with a multitude of ideas to write down!

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English / Language Arts, summary, spelling, words
  61 minutes
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